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Week in the Life of an Editor

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Posted March 31 2008 10:21 PM by it_carter 
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For my first blog, ever, I thought I’d go into a typical week as an editor. Well, maybe not completely typical considering it was on the action-packed side, but typical nonetheless.

FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 2008
Tomorrow, Saturday, is HIN Los Angeles and Tuesday, Joey Leh from Sport Compact Car asked if they could use my R33 GT-R to be a part of their cover story, which is why I’m at DC Sports with Will Law. Not that DC has anything for GT-Rs, but because he’s helping me install OE projector Xenon headlights for my Skyline—and by helping, I mean that he’s doing all the work while I’m on the phone trying to squeeze in AP brakes from Stillen/Brake Pros for the shoot.

Once Will is done “helping” me swap HIDs, I’m off to the LA Convention Center to meet up with Elliott (Mr. SLB, himself) and Tsuyoshi from 5Zigen to roll-in my former GT500 Supra into a Import Tuner/eurotuner booth. My first show roll-in since SEMA back in 1996, it’s amazing to see how much work and coordination goes into pulling off a HIN. It’s dizzying. After we set up our booth, Elliott and I walk the show and hand out a couple of cards to prospective feature cars and I cut out to a Xbox event also in downtown LA.

Not too far from the Convention Center, Xbox previewed Rockstar’s new Grand Theft Auto IV over at SA Studios. To my surprise, SA Studios is Mister Cartoon’s spot. If you don’t know, Cartoon is the guy who tatted up 50 Cent, Eminem and every other celeb on the planet. He’s the modern day urban DaVinci, only his canvas is the human body. The two-story studio was super cool with old-school lowriders in the first floor and tattoo parlor up top. As cool as the location was, even cooler was GTA IV and the limited edition Xbox 360s on hand. Having played the PS2 version, the new GTA goes back to the thinly guised New York, or Liberty City, and it looks ill. Hot Coffee minigame in HD? I can’t wait.


I get to HIN by four and finish setting up the booth and cleaning up my Supra. I still can’t believe I own this car; the car has so much heritage I’m stoked to be a part of it. Staffers, Luke and Clint show up (late!) with giveaways in hand. The show starts and I go to Babe Blvd’s booth and look for Steve Bitanga and Melissa Reign, our November 2006 cover model, to come to our booth. After kickin’ it with Melissa a bit, I take off to find import model Pearl Nalani. Pearl, sales guy Derrick and I walk the show looking for our pick of the hottest 20 cars. With the quality and quantity of rides, it’s a monumental task. Compound that with the packed crowds, it’s damn near impossible. So much so, that we break and decide to wait for the show to die down before we finish the list.

I go back to my booth and run in to my homeboys, girlfriend and sister at the booth. Understaffed, Caroline and Dana (my girl and sis) are stuck with manning the giveaways. Corissa Furr, our April Cover star comes by to greet the crowd at our booth. I find Pearl and Derrick and we go to finish our search. Super troopers, the both of them are. We scramble to finish and make it back to the booth to clean up.

After we’re done, Caroline, Luke, Clint and I go out to K-Town to grab a late night dinner at 24/7 joint Hodori. To date, this is the first time I’ve ever ate at this place completely sober and unlike Waffle House, is still pretty damn good.


SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 2008
Sleep, eat, crap, eat, sleep some more, eat and then sleep again.


MONDAY, MARCH 24, 2008
I go out to our office down in Anaheim and go through “flats” (story layouts) and then take off to G-Dimension to install the AP Brakes. Like Will on Friday, Stephen Rhim “helps” me install the brakes, however instead of being on the phone I had to photograph the install. If passing wrenches and taking notes qualifies as helping, I’m a pro.

Installed, the red six-pot fronts and four-pots rear look super dope behind the Volk wheels. They work even better. Even moderately pressing the brake pedal, the negative Gs is amazing. What my stock Brembos did to dimes, the APs will do to pennies.


For the SCC shoot, we all meet up at a Starbucks in Westlake, CA. Across the mountain from Malibu, there are a handful of twisty roads that lead to the coast that are perfect for photoshoots. The story highlights the’s new R35 GT-R. Willy’s R34 and my R33 are used for comparison (read: props). The photoshoot went from Malibu in the afternoon and ended late in the evening in downtown Los Angeles. Judging from the photographer’s camera the shots came out super dope. Should be a really cool story and I’m stoked to be a part of it.


For the July issue of 2NER, I went up to Simi Valley to shoot Jeremy Lookofsky for the Dialogue interview section. The world record holder for the fastest NA four-cylinder, Jeremy is one of the last die-hard Honda drag racers and I have mad respect for that. I remember his CRX back from the JG days and the timeslips he ran all motor versus my turbocharged setup was embarassing. I remember Javier giving me *** about his car and Joel’s all-motor DC2 spanking my mid 13-second boosted passes. Ah, the good ol’ days.

The interview went really well and it was more of like us talking *** than a formal thing which was cool. The photoshoot went equally well. Instead of shooting him with his drag cars, I shot him with his other toys to show a different side of Jeremy.

After being out of the office two days, Thursday is a day filled with catching up. More story “flats” to read and stories to be turned in. Work, work, work. On a bright, energetic note, Ernie from NOS sent a refrigerator for my office. It’s empty but for some reason I’m compelled to turn it on. With the compressor on, it sounds like a freaking Boeing 747.


FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2008
Back in the office again for more reading, writing and work. One of our Japanese freelancers and old school street racer, Scott Kanemura visited the office for lunch. We conference call the legendary Frank Choi of Battle of the Imports to discuss his events, drag racing and old school street racing stories back in the 80s. If ever I feel too old for this *** I’ll always have Scott and Frank to make me feel young.

Sprinkle in eating, bathroom time, sleeping and driving, that pretty much encapsulates one week in the life of an editor. If it sounds rambling, I apologize. It’s late, I’m tired, it’s my very first blog and my memory don’t work too good.


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