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Thank You, Arnold! Hang Up and Drive

CA Cell Phone Driving Law
Posted June 6 2007 09:57 AM by DPImpreza 
Filed under: Editorials, In Car Electronics (ice)

driving on cell phone

On my way to work this morning, I was cut off and nearly hit about five different times.  Every single bad driver that crossed my path had one thing in common, aside from me laying on the horn at each one; they were all on their freaking cell phones.  People just swerve and wander all over the crammed southern California freeways without a care in the world, blabbing away.

driving on cell phone and eating

There was a guy driving on top of the lane divider next to me on the way to the office in his Beemer wearing his power suit and tie, having a power meeting on the phone, drinking his power coffee from Starbucks, and writing power notes on a pad of paper WHILE driving with his knee.  It's not just the suits in their over priced, German luxury cars talking on their blackberries that drive like idiots, it's the younger drivers gossiping away with their BFF Jill (funny commercial btw -> link) that make me a defensive driver as well.  Let's not forget about the worst of them all - the soccer moms in SUVs.  When they are behind the wheel of their useless, oversized, wasteful, glorified minivan they think they own the world, and when they're on the phone yakking on and on about the latest drama in suburbia to all the other stay at home moms, stay the helll out of their way.

Thank god our Governator signed legislation making it illegal to drive while talking on the phone.  Full details here -  It's only logical that the state with the most cars on the road and the most cell phones in circulation would pass this legislation, but we are a little behind other states.  I originally read the article on this new law, gloriously sent down from above, and saw that it goes into effect July first.  Then I noticed the date (2008).  Even though I have to deal with a whole year of distracted idiots on the freeway, I can take some consolation in the fact that it will be a law one day.  It's just lame that the fine is only 20-50 bucks.  That's the cost of fuel for soccer moms to drive five feet in their gas-guzzling SUVs.  I don't think it will put a dent in the problem how it should.  Like I said already, lame.  At least I have my blogs to vent about crap like this.

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