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Bling Bling Has Gone A Bit Far

Big Rims - Looks Vs Performance
Posted March 16 2007 03:18 PM by DPImpreza 
Filed under: Editorials, Wheels/tires

Mercedes Benz Clear Rims

This whole big rim thing has gone a little too far.  This isn't about slightly larger than stock, light-weight, functional wheels.  I love a nice wide-body kit that allows for 18 x 10 (or wider) inches of meaty, grippy rubber.  What I don't get is going above 20 inches just to say how big your ballin' asss rims are, and when you get to 30 inches, just shoot me.

Hummer H2 30 Inch Rims

Leave it to SEMA to bring out the best of the best bling fanatics.  Don't get me wrong, I like form just as much as function, but when the balance between the two is completely skewed to the point of utter impracticality, I feel it is my enthusiast duty to put my foot down.  Take these 30 inch chrome rims tucked under this H2.  Why do you need wheels that big?  Another example comes from a company who makes clear wheels.  Now I must admit, being about to check out beautiful cross drilled, 6 pot monster Brembos in all their glory is pretty cool, but once again, it's just another gimmick in the world of big rims.  What really hurts me is when I hear STI owners talking on forums about whether or not these clear wheels will fit.  Once again, my performance enthusiast side is a little bruised.  When people get a wheel and tire combo so big or so unnecessarily blinging that it actually hurts performance, I think its gone way too far.

So when you're sizing out wheels and tires for your own car, do me a favor: stay within reason.  Take into account what car they are going on.  If you own an H2 and have wheel-wells that fit 30 inches (and deep pockets), go right ahead, it's your car and your decision.  But putting 20s on your Civic is a bit too much.  And for the love of god, please don't put big, heavy, blinged out chrome wheels on your EVOs and STIs.  They were meant to go fast not to roll hard.  Big rims?  Give me a stripped down, compact, underpowered track car with some 14 inch, featherweight wheels any day, or a wide-body GT-R running 18 x 11.5 fit with Hoosier slicks all around...

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