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We dyno a Prius. Sort of.
Green, No Go Posted August 8 2008 04:35 PM by it_carter

So we all know how green the Prius is, how much gas it saves, how it’s partial zero emission, yadda-yadda-yadda. That's all fine and dandy but how much power does the hybrid make? Under full throttle, what hp does the...

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Import Model Teresa Noreen Outtakes Part II
More Outtakes Posted July 8 2008 01:48 PM by it_carter

More outtakes of Teresa Noreen.

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August 2008 Model Outtakes
Import Model Teresa Noreen Outtakes Posted July 7 2008 05:51 PM by it_carter

For those of you who complain that we at Import Tuner have too much boobies (weirdos) here's proof that we're not.

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The. GT-R. Is. Here. No. Really. It. Is. Posted July 7 2008 05:19 PM by it_carter

On July 7, 2008, at 12:01 A.M., to the envy of wishful thinking Gran Turismo owners everywhere, Daryl Alison, male, Caucasian, of Costa Mesa, CA, purchased a Premium model Nissan GT-R at Universal City Nissan in the Los...

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2009 Nissan Maxima
New Maxima Pricing Posted June 24 2008 05:59 PM by it_carter

Nissan announced pricing on the new 2009 Maxima today. Stuffed with the ubiquitously sweet VQ35 V6, the Maxima comes paired with a CVT transmission and marks its return to its 4-Door Sports Car roots with its aggressive...

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July 2008 Sport Compact Car Magazine Cover
Three GT-Rs. One Cover. Posted June 6 2008 06:16 PM by it_carter

The July 2008 cover of Sport Compact Car magazine featured the new R35 GT-R. Now what does that have to do with Import Tuner? Well besides a full story on the coolest tuner car, ever, my own GT-R is on it. Sort of. You...

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Super Lap Battle at Long Beach Grand Prix
Time attack on the streets of the LBC Posted April 25 2008 05:04 PM by it_carter

Setting a precedent for the tuner scene, Super Lap Battle made its first-ever appearance on the streets of Long Beach during the annual grand prix. On a course that sees Champ Car and ALMS, circuit-prepped imports raced...

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2009 R35 Nissan GT-R Driving Impression
I Drive the 2009 R35 GT-R (and I really, really want it) Posted April 21 2008 02:40 PM by it_carter

Undeniably the most significant Japanese OE launch in the US since the very same company dropped the 240Z, the 2009 Nissan GT-R will once again redefine how Americans, scratch that, the world will look at imports. Me?...

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GT-R, HIN, Editor, Import Tuner, import model
Week in the Life of an Editor Posted March 31 2008 10:21 PM by it_carter

For my first blog, ever, I thought I’d go into a typical week as an editor. Well, maybe not completely typical considering it was on the action-packed side, but typical nonetheless.

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Mammoth Lakes, CA - Happy Holidays
Happy New Year from Mammoth Mountain Posted December 31 2007 12:47 PM by DPImpreza

Well its New Years Eve today, so this blog will be brief. Happy Holidays, have fun tonight, I know I will. Considering this is still my vacation time, I figured I would blog about something off-topic, a...

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Driving in the rain of Southern California
Oh No, Rain!  Run! Posted December 19 2007 06:29 PM by DPImpreza

Ah, southern California, a place where the weather is beautiful 90 percent of the year. It's a shame that the other 10 percent of the time, the general population completely loses their ability to drive when the...

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2008 Nissan GT-R R35 Posted December 6 2007 04:05 PM by DPImpreza

Even though there has been more than enough news on the new R35 GT-R floating around for quite some time, I'm still going to write the obligatory "I want the new GT-R" blog because it's just that buff.

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Subaru Impreza WRX STI 22B
22B in the Flesh Posted November 29 2007 12:32 PM by DPImpreza

Out of all the debuts and exotics at the LA Auto Show, the one car that I left the show lusting over was almost 10 years old. The legendary 22B STI.

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On-Road Emissions Testing
Mobile Smog Checks, Are You Serious? Posted November 20 2007 12:22 PM by DPImpreza

CA is getting out of hand. It's complete Orwell 1984 style around here. The totalitarian state of CA have been setting up surprise mobile smog stations that measure emissions as you drive past them, taking down your...

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2008 Import Tuner Model Calendar
2008 Import Tuner Model Calendar Posted November 16 2007 05:00 PM by DPImpreza

Anyone who hasn't seen it yet, pick it up. Trust me...

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