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Mazda RX7 Motor Swap
Posted December 8 2006 06:06 PM by DPImpreza 
Filed under: Miscellaneous, Mazda Tuning, Car Engine


With the import tuning scene contantly moving foward, we've seen some crazy things go down.  I guess the natural progression envolves constantly "one-upping" everyone in the quest of doing something that no one has done yet. Most of the time, its just for the sake of being the first one to dome something, the OG if you will.  Its this aspect of the tuning scene that has given rise to all the crazy motor swaps that have been popping up lately.

Its not uncommon to see motor swaps that stay within the same manufacturer, just ask any Honda guy (or maybe even SR20DET owners considering today's trends).  But the thing that intrigues me is all this madness involving cross breeding.  There have been Supra 2JZGTE powered 240SXs and S2000s, Honda F20 powered Corolla AE86s and K20 driven MR2 Spyders, which also made a guest appearance in a little car called the Lotus Elise.  Even though these Frankensteins have a little identity crisis to deal with, its not too bad considering the car's main essence is still somewhat in tact. It's when people start throwing American V8 muscle into the equation, that really throws things off.

The main example in question has to be the recent Chevrolet Corvette LS1 swaps popping up in RX-7s in favor of the twin turbo, high revving, beloved rotary engines that came from Mazda.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes these swaps make complete sense - who wouldn't want gobs of torque and instant response in a light weight, RWD coupe?  Especially considering the aluminum LS1s weight, potential for big power, and huge aftermarket support.  But to me, this goes too far.  The soul of the RX-7 is getting stripped from it like a Shang Tsung fatality.

What does everyone else think? Would you say "power is power"?  Or are there certain informal boundaries that should never be crossed?  Personally, I think it's a sacrilege.  I wouldn't want to see a '69 Camaro powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged motor either (even if it would pump out 600hp), or an RB26DETT Skyline motor show up in an American muscle car...oh wait...too late.

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